We invite you to join us for the Scottish Exoplanet / Brown Dwarf Spring meeting 2019 (SEBD8)   

which will be held at University of St Andrews, Medical Building Seminar Room 2 (School of Medicine)

Date: 24 April 2019, meeting start 10:30h, end 17:00h

Doors open 10:00h and coffee + energisers & lunch  will be provided. No registration fee.

The format of the  Scottish Exoplanet / Brown Dwarf Spring meeting 2018 in St Andrews is as follows:

We ask everybody to introduce their research (science questions & methodology) and would like to put emphasis on methodology rather than advertisement. PhD students will be given most of the time, staff will get ~10 mins.


     10:00h: Coffeee & Tea CES_Logo_blue_3.jpg
     12:30h: Lunch
     16:ish: Tea & Coffee
      Science programme:
       10:30h-10:50h: Oliver Herbort
       10:50h-11:10h:  Elliott Fogg
       EDI_logo_exo_klein.jpg11:10h-11:30h: James Hitchcock
       11:30h-11:50h: Dominic Samra
       11:50h-12:10h: Sam Pearson
       12:10h-12:20h: Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar
       12:20h-12:30h: Christiane Helling
       13:30h-13:50h: Emma Bubb
       13:50h-14:10h: Nial Whiteford
                                     14:10h-14:30h: Sophie Dubber
                                     14:30h-14:50h: James Cadman
                                     14:50h-15:05h: Beth Biller
                                     15:05h-15:15h: Paul Palmer 
                                     15:15h-15:25h: Alistair Glasse
                                     15:25h-15:35h: Ken Rice
                                     15:35h-15:45h: Colin Snodgrass
                                     15:45h-15:55h: Peter Woitke
                                     15:55h-16:05h: Martin Dominik
                                     Tea& Coffee & End
Table booked for 17:30h @ Zizzi's












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